Watch Together - Social watching on top of your OTT Platform.


Improve viewer engagement with increased watch time.

Host a watch party with exclusive watch rooms.


Reduce your cost of acquisition with network effects.

Invite everybody, including friends of friends. Maximizing network effects.


Add revenue with onboarded influencers, sponsored events plus OTT services.

Host a premier with a celebrity with invite-only membership in an exclusive watch room.

Rich data for analytics

Gain live insights on what sells fast and better. Visual feedback on viewer interaction with content and advertisements.

Sports, game finales, prime shows, movies, and other hot-selling content.

Scalable and robust

100+ viewers, 2-way audio, low latency conferencing, end-to-end encryption.

Build loyalty, trust, and a long-lasting customer relationship.

Watch. Share. Engage.

Watch together on all devices - mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and TV.