Get Started — Whitelabel COCO

Add recurring revenue streams with flexible, scalable, and customized pay-as-you-go business models.

Scalable Business Models

Revenue Generation from Month-ONE

  • Bundle up Smart Home solutions with a customized combination of hardware, software and services provided by COCO.
  • Whitelabel COCO’s Smart Home Solution with total service management supported by COCO.
  • Experiment, test-run and launch your pilots with modest investments.
  • Start earning revenues from the first month with a Platform solution that includes software, hardware, and ecosystem of developers and partners.

Transparent Pricing

Custom quote with 3 components

This 3-component pricing model equips you with a quick go-to-market strategy.

Initiation Fees (one-time)

Customize and re-skin the Smart Home App to suit the
needs of your to suite the needs of your brand. Other
customisations include rebranding of
alerts/notifications, logo addition, color changes, as well
as on-going support of firmware. Customize the look
and feel of the devices you choose with your logo and
exclusive brand colors.

Modest monthly fee per active user

This includes unlimited access to the Service Provider
portal (Manage the Buzz), technology management of
new features, new device integrations, security
improvements, technical support, upkeep of API calls
and support for integration and testing with OSS/BSS
systems including Billing, Metering, CRM, and ERP

Hardware fees (monthly fee)

Based on the chosen hardware bundle, a monthly fee
would be charged for the number of consumed kits.
Some of starter kits are assembled for home
automation, safety, security, and energy conservation.

  • App Upgrades and Maintenance for new OS platforms
  • Monthly New Feature Development and Delivery
  • Service Provider Console for Customer Support
  • New features and on-going upgrades to Cloud API for OSS/BSS integration
  • Technical Support
  • Regular Security Upgrades
  • Cloud Hosting/Hardware Costs
  • Cloud Bandwidth Costs
  • Development Support and Training Access to Device SDK and Client SDK for custom IP creation


Nothing stops with unlimited access.

The monthly recurring model allows you to remain flexible with your options and pay only for what you choose.

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