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[Interview] Ashish Bajaj, Co-Founder of COCO on how his platform could improve Data Privacy in IoT Devices through Cloudless P2P Networking Platform.

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What is COCO?

COCO in 60 seconds

COCO is an ecosystem built on the tenets of Data Privacy, Data Security, Interoperability, and Ease of Use. COCO’s peer-to-peer platform designed-for-privacy enables decentralized communication for everyone in the ecosystem — IoT consumers, application developers, system engineers, device manufacturers, OEMs and businesses.


The COCO Ecosystem

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Data Privacy

The world in now waking to the threats of centralized communication and cloud architecture and is responding to it with laws and regulations such as GDPR, Federal Privacy Act, and so on. While these work best as a grievance redressal method, platforms designed-for-privacy are proactive modes of ensuring data privacy.

Decentralized Communication

The internet was created to retain the power of data in the hands of data owners and creators rather than a few who own and manage servers. Decentralized communication networks are built on a cloudless architecture of distributed systems that provides a mesh topology as a pathway for data transfers. This architecture prevents data leaks and breaches. It retains the ownership of data in the hands of the users who generate and truly own the data.

P2P Architecture

Applications and devices on-the-edge use the feature of distributed nodes in peer-to-peer network architecture to enable large data and rich media transfers with remote and offline connectivity, low latency, and in real-time. In any COCONet each node is powered by security and encryption that allows a single user to programmatically communicate using any of the available pathways in a P2P network without compromising the data privacy.

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