Time vs Money. 

You are always left to choose between time and money while making decisions about new market opportunities. What if you have both? Be the first to reach out to a market with little investment.

Here is how it looks like if you had to weigh between time and money to your IoT solution:

A ready-to-launch IoT Platform can help you take your solution to the market in four weeks. It removes the complexities involved in launching a solution by reducing upfront costs and development hassle. COCO as an IoT platform provides a suite of smart devices with built-in encryption, ready-to-deploy SDKs, an operator console for remote assistance, and an IoT app store with apps crowdsourced from a large developer community.

Solution providers can save almost $3 million plus two years of development time to step into a thriving and ready-to-consume market. Without an IoT platform, solution providers have to go through several steps which include:

  • Identification of hardware
  • Meeting cost and certifications for different feature sets
  • Last-mile radio tech involving firmware, memory, and power constraints.
  • Adding it to the cloud which comes with latency issues, security, provisioning, command processing, data reporting, and need for rules engines.
  • Creating applications comprising user management, authorization, security, UX, and UI.
  • Third-party integrations for interoperability.
  • A layer of AI services.

Go-to-market in 4 weeks with COCO.

You can choose to launch with the COCO brand or by whitelabling the platform. In five simple steps, your next IoT solution can be made available to the consumers.

  1. COCO’s DIY home automation kit comes with a Buzzed on COCO, multi-protocol IoT gateway, a combination of sensors, and a smart switch. It is available for two wide geographies: (1.USA and 2.Europe and India.). This can be used with the free COCO Home app that lets a consumer create networks, zones, scenes, and rules adding different existing and new smart devices. 
  2. Design your solution, building the UI and UX. Add devices to your solution from the existing suite of COCO products which include edge-AI enabled in-home hubs with optional cloud hub extensions.
  3. Download client SDK for apps and device SDKs to develop a firmware. Add your custom code to enhance beyond what you get from the platform, bringing in your innovation.
  4. Now you are ready to test. Test your solution with a pilot launch including the Service Provider Console that enables remote administration for your after sales support teams. It also comes with Built-in app-view so that your team can provide effective and swift support to your subscribers via the Manage the Buzz portal. Use Additional APIs for integration with your CRM, ERP, Billing, and other device and connectivity management systems.
  5. COCO stays with you even after the grand launch. All through the roll-out process, we provide technology support to ensure seamless delivery to your customers.

Feel free to talk to a COCO expert to send in your interest to get started or for any queries. Get in touch with us here.