Bottoms up!

That’s how we begin work everyday. We are challenged by a day full of exciting problems to solve. We are a pack of bees who do good work and are rewarded by more great work. 

It all started as a hobby.

A home remodelling project acted as a catalyst for innovating COCO. 

Ashish Bajaj, Co-founder of COCO bought various smart home products from around the world and found that while the individual gadgets worked great, they lacked interoperability. So the more he installed, the worse his smart home experience got. All he wanted was a home that provided him with unified “Connected Experiences”, rather than a myriad of isolated connected gadgets.

While he solved this problem for himself, there was a much bigger problem waiting for the founding team. Manav Mehta, Johnny John, and Divya Reddy came together, bringing another troubling state of affairs for every smart home consumer – using gadgets that were always streaming data from their house to unknown servers. 

Building a team.

It didn’t start easy. Thanks to those committed and high-spirited individuals, we started off building our team. Across QA, devops, development, and other functions, the COCO team emerged. We came together to construct the core DNA and culture of Elear Solutions.

Looking back, this has helped us accomplish a lot in just a few years. We built a fully functional decentralised IoT platform that is ready for use across divergent industries. We are building an ecosystem of system integrators, channel partners, device manufacturers, and developers. We developed a service provider console and an IoT app store, unique to the wholesome solution that we have created.

Who made this happen? Everyone who came onboard.

Team Elear’s DNA

Over the years, we surprised ourselves. A pattern emerged that told us how we could accomplish a lot more than those who solved similar problems, in the past. The pattern was a group of smart people intrinsically motivated, tickled by problems, with a go-getter attitude. 

Whenever a problem is thrown at us, the entire team gets down to solving it with vigour and bounces back with a solution. We almost work like a trampoline.

The team has come together to create that unique culture that makes things happen.

The Elear Culture

This brings a story to mind of the time our team came together to develop an IoT media solution in less than two weeks using the COCO technology. The credit goes entirely to the customer-obsession of our team.

The team brings hands-on leadership as and when required. There is no rigid hierarchy that rules internal processes. If someone can lead the team, they just do so. This fluid structure has encouraged the best among the team to step forward to solve a problem in the most efficient way.

This multi-role oriented approach is also an attractive proposition to hire the best minds behind the IoT platform.

Our mission

We knew it even before we kickstarted the company – ‘It’s not easy, but exciting’. We set ourselves a collective mission that also inspired our team. The mission to build a connected world where apps, devices, and people can network and talk to each other.

That’s how we created an end-to-end, fully managed, decentralised IoT platform for communication. It is celebrated for its ability to allow interoperability, data privacy, security, real-time communication with low latency; just what the future of this world needs.

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