COCO provides Client SDK, Device SDK and other ready-to-use APIs which can be used to create applications for different Smart Home use cases. They can be extended to other IoT scenarios, expanding the opportunities for service providers to create enriched experiences for smart home customers. 

COCO SDKs include:

COCO SDKs are available for devices and apps as Device SDK and Client SDK, respectively. They provide standard interfaces for IoT functionality in an extremely simplified API.

These SDKs are available on many platforms and development languages, and interface it to various device functions. There is no need to write any backend cloud code, simply one API call will report the data coming from the device to the App. They enable you to add attribute update callback handling code that monitors appliance activity, as well as data that is received in a real-time streaming interface. 

Value of SDKs to Smart Home Service Providers

COCO brings the value of a tech partner that provides managed connectivity, encouraging you to focus on the value propositions of user experience and business logic, while we take care of the rest. Here are some business advantages to smart home service providers

  1. By utilizing the Open API and SDK approach of COCO, service providers can avoid vendor lock-in and establish additional B2B partnerships.
  2. Platform SDKs and APIs allow the platform owners to become the central aggregation point of the smart home. This enables them to create an interoperable eco-system that can work with a single app.
  3. Save over 70% of development costs by using COCO’s pre-built SDKs with rich semantics for different communication use cases. COCO provides the communication infrastructure for your various use cases, so that you can focus on your customers.
  4. Add Stickiness to your devices, by allowing developers and complementing service providers using the COCO platform to extend your devices via creating custom App and Device Extensions to your products, for any type of a COCONet.

While providing the necessary dexterity to scale with speed, COCO SDKs expedite the product innovation and go-to-market cycles. These SDKs are built to enable you to create your own custom IP and scale your solutions with flexibility. 

Universal compatibility adds more channels for recurring revenues 

COCO is also anchored into a growing developer ecosystem that allows you to provide hardware at competitive prices and then focus on differentiated AI, Analytics and various other value added services that are delivered over-the-top and generate recurring revenues. Read further